Spray Foam Benefits for Your Home

Spray foam technology creates seamless joints between studs to reduce air infiltration and insulates with high performance E-values. Research by the National Institute of Standards and Technology has shown that air-barrier systems in non-residential buildings reduce air leakage by up to 83%. Further, the research showed that buildings with effective air barriers save more than 40% on gas bills and cut down on electrical consumption in excess of 25%. Browse our gallery to learn more about available spray foam insulation services.

Some of theses benefits include:

Superior Comfort and Indoor Quality - Spray foam technology stops air and moisture infiltration which reduces mold, mildew, pollen and dust.

Eliminates Bug Traffic - Spray foam insulation is seamless, which eliminates cracks, holes, and gaps.

Excellent Sound Control - Spray Foam Insulation is ideal for reducing exterior noise, but is also ideal for interior applications such as media rooms and bedrooms.

Excellent Resale Value - Part of an EnergyStar home and increased structural integrity

Thanks to the team at Efficient Foam Solutions LLC, you will start to notice savings on your heating and cooling bills in no time at all. In fact, your whole family will remain comfortable when you reach out to our local team in the Tolar, TX region. For more questions about the benefits of spray foam insulation, call us today.